Dear Comrades!
Central Committee of RCWP-CPSU sends our seasonal greetings to all comrades in arms and wishes you all a Happy New Year!

As it is a habit with us, when parting with the passing year we sum up our activities in 2012 and get ready our plans for the future. The year 2012 hasn’t been an easy one for the working people in Russia as well as in the rest of the World. Life itself has proved it again that there are no easy ways out of the Capitalist System’s crisis, and that the total burden of the crises is always put by the Bourgeoisie onto the shoulders of the working people. The most organized units of the Working Class in different countries of the World have intensified their own struggle as a reply to the advance of the reaction. The year 2012 in Russia has been marked by the threats of the crisis’ second wave as well as by constant troubles in economy that has been basically able to survive due to raw materials’ exports. As presidential, regional and local elections took place in 2012, Russian authorities got out of their way to smooth the situation out and to prevent the wave of protests, while trying to extinguish the pockets of resistance by preventive measures like promises and handouts. In line with all those measures the dictatorship of the Bourgeoisie has been doing their best to prevent the sheer possibility of the Working Class’ organization – the most dreaded thing for them. That was the reason why Russian Ministry of Justice declined the application for official registration of the Russian United Labour Front (ROT FRONT in Russian) seven times, whereas they simultaneously prevented the representatives of organized workers to take part in the regional and local elections.

Nevertheless, the bureaucratic barriers couldn’t function forever. With a great satisfaction we can mention that our position of principle and the workers’ stubbornness of the ROT FRONT have taken their effect: ROT FRONT has been finally granted an official registration despite all the skeptical predictions!


The election campaigns of the passing year have once again proved that there is no such thing as honest elections in the capitalist society and that the bourgeois democracy is seldom fair towards all the participants of the elections and it’s never fair towards working people. We can consider the struggle for these bourgeois values as auxiliary, depending on the concrete situation, but we are at the same time aware that the strategy of the victory for the working people cannot be based on such struggle.


The bourgeoisie in Russia and all over the World has once again demonstrated that in its struggle against working people both opportunism and revisionism (right as well as left) in the ranks of the workers’ movement are not only listed among its allies, but often act as a vanguard special task force of the exploiters.


Though the waves of the mass protests in Russia following the “dirty” elections demonstrated the decline of trust in the authorities among the public at large, we shouldn’t be deceived. The resources for the resistance of the bourgeoisie are far from being exhausted. As RCWP mentioned on a number of occasions in our analysis, the imperialists, figuratively speaking, could raise the Red Banner themselves while singing “International” in case the circumstances force them to do so. That’s why we are not surprised at the appearance of multitude of various oppositionist and the defenders of the people’s rights, these oppositionists being of liberal or nationalistic shades. We are not surprised at the alliance of the authorities with the “pink” parties, calling themselves socialists or even communist, whereas they “used up their limits for revolutions” and don’t have any connections to the Workers’ Class. Life itself has proved it all over again that without an organized stubborn struggle of working people they are not likely to achieve an improvement of their lives, whereas any fundamental changes of this life in favour of working people could be only achieved by way of Socialistic Revolution!


We wish all the fighters a Happy New Year!


We wish you all success in our common struggle, happiness and health for all the comrades and for their families and friends!


We wish us all to find reliable allies and true friends in the coming difficult struggle, that’s why we call to strengthen or Red Front of Workers – ROT FRONT!


Let’s not falter on the chosen way!

Happy New Year, comrades!


Central Committee of RCWP-CPSU