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The Contribution by TKP to the meeting in Leningrad, August 11-13 2017

“The significance of Great October Revolution and the experience of socialist construction in the Soviet Union for contemporary communist and workers' movement worldwide” held by RCWP

Dear Comrades,

The October Revolution is the most significant historical event of all human history, and it is the longest leap forward of the working class towards equality and freedom. Nevertheless, we are here, in this meeting gathered through the hospitable invitation of the RCWP, not merely to commemorate this great event, but to discuss how the October Revolution may guide us in today’s revolutionary processes.

I want to thank you to RCWP in the name of the Communist Party of Turkey, precisely because it organized the meeting for this purpose.

Generally speaking, we can summarize how the October Revolution can guide today’s revolutionary struggle as such;

A. The imperialist stage of capitalism is the age of socialist revolutions.

It has been 100 years since Lenin defined imperialism as the most corrupt stage of capitalism and an age of socialist revolutions. Today, we experience a repetition of history in a higher level of what Lenin had described as a spiral of events.

We are on the verge of a possible imperialist total war. Following the counter-revolution, China and Russia emerged as strong capitalist countries and they demand a redistribution of world markets and natural resources to the detriment of the US and the European Union. Sitting on top of the imperialist pyramid, the US tries to prevent this but it cannot mask the fact that it started to regress.

Just like the eve of the World War I, we witness a great arms race, militarization, and polarization of the states. In such times, the unique experience of October Revolution guides us in following issues:

1. Before or during any imperialist war for sharing the world again, no single communist party shall side with the bourgeoisie of their country. One cannot speak of the “right” side, or a less aggressive side in an imperialist war. An imperialist war is a war against working classes of all countries.

The stance of communist parties must be to turn the legitimacy crisis the war creates into a socialist revolution.

2. Just like Bolsheviks did, communist parties must undertake a widespread and thorough propaganda work among working class.

3. The Leninist party model is a necessity for a proper intervention to the crisis the process of war creates. Leninist party model is a model that does not aim for majority within the limits of the establishment, but rather seek to expand dramatically through a revolutionary intervention to the crisis. This intervention would also be directed inwards, in order to transform the party in line with the necessities of the revolution.

4. Just like in the October Revolution, the vanguard of the proletariat must be capable to make and manage the alliances with other oppressed classes and strata during the revolutionary moment.

5. The October Revolution proved that the liberation of the oppressed peoples is possible only with the socialist revolution. This is even more valid today. Not a single national bourgeois class of any people can protect its own people from an imperialist war.

6. In such a moment, the revolution will not pre-require any stages, but it will be based on a direct seizing of power of the proletariat. The social and historical conditions are mature enough for this.

7. The upcoming socialist revolutionary wave necessitates an internationalist strategy. As the revolutionary moment comes and several advancements achieved on national scales, a new centre such as Comintern should be founded, which can direct the world revolution of the international communist movement.

B. Lessons learned from the period of construction of socialism following the October Revolution continue to guide the world communist movement.

The October Revolution made progress in constructing socialism by resolving problems that it encountered for the first time. Both victories and defeats of the October Revolution enlighten our path. The outline of these progress is as follows;

1. The socialist revolution is based on the strategy to dissolve the bourgeois state and to construct the state of the working class. The counter-revolutionary moves encountered during the October Revolution proved the validity of the Marxist idea of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

2. The socialist revolution must focus on terminating the private property of the means of production. Were it not the Collectivization and Planned Development program of 1929, the USSR would probably not have been able to counter the fascist attack of the World War II.

3. The central planning experience of the USSR is an incredible political example for us. It was a very complicated and comprehensive program of development, enlightenment, and of creating a new humanity and a new culture. All communist parties should rigorously give thought to this experience, which still has not been examined and understood to the fullest.

4. The socialist integration both within and between the Soviet Republics and other socialist states established after the World War II is a great experience with its strengths and weaknesses. This experience shall guide us in the international socialist integration following the socialist revolutionary wave that we anticipate for within this century.

5. Communist parties will continue the class struggle all around the world until the imperialism is defeated. The Soviet experience taught us that "peaceful competition" is not real! This shows us the ultimate importance of commitment to the revolutionary goals and keeping the party and people politically wary of these goals. 

6. Soviet experience also taught us that the capital must never be permitted to return and gain grounds. A secondary economy, which spoils the socialist economy, would turn into a stage order that produces counter-revolutionary tendencies.

Today, the future of humanity seems to depend on the mind, courage, and will of communist parties. Communists of today will continue the legacy of Bolsheviks who leapt forward 100 years ago. Communists of today will accomplish the mission.

Long live the October Revolution!

Long live internationalism!

Long live socialism!

Erhan Nalçacı

CC member of TKP

Secretary of International Affairs Bureau